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Connect with Magical Outdoor Gatherings

Covid-19 has keep us inside and gathering in small groups so it’s beyond exciting to plan something interactive and outdoors. Special events are no longer just for the holidays and milestones with a large guest list they are simple acts of connectivity with quality interaction intimacy away from a screen. Fulfilling my creative and social self mini events like last years styled Treehouse Dinner Party designed in partnership with VKD and Chippy White Table last summer are pretty crucial to me. It was beyond magic and our team was an absolute dream. And while this styled set up was elaborate and required a team of designers to pull it off you can recreate something just as magical and keep it simple. Fill a backpack full of all your favorite snacks and a blanket and hike to a gorgeous clearing in the woods with your friends or plan an elaborate white cloth dinner in the woods. (Call me if you need help coordinating or invite me to this shin dig 😉

I just encourage everyone to unplug and go outside to create something joyful and enjoy our beautiful, natural world with your favorite people. Yesterday my family and I filled a row boat and kayaks full of food, beverages and fire wood and rowed to island with friends for an off the beaten path birthday party. We made a fire, cooked dinner sang happy birthday and just enjoyed each other while being outside. I wish everyone a healthy fall and to find joy in real life connections. xoxo, Valerie

For inquires about booking a design team for a similar, nature inspired micro-dinner party such as this Treehouse Party please email hello@valeriekiserdesign