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Patterns & Pancakes

Hello, I am a pattern and texture inspired artist who enjoys cooking, eating whole foods and living an active life in Scranton, Pennsylvania. This blog will feature VKD products and lifestyle tips on design, cooking, eating and entertaining.

Today I am pleased to share two things I LOVE with you in my first post. They are blueberry pancakes and two of my hand-printed table linens. These designs were inspired by my original paintings then redesigned for hand-printed home decor. The pancakes were inspired by my two year old son’s book Curious George Makes Pancakes. So we started making pancakes together (he loves to cook) and came up with this recipe. I hope you enjoy my patterns and my pancakes on the very Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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Whole Wheat Blueberry Pancakes with hemp and cashew milk, drizzled with flax oil and maple syrup: featuring my VKD O’s design hand-printed table napkins and place-mats. Art for the everyday living. 


Whole Wheat Blue Berry Pancakes Recipe

4 eggs

2 and 2/3c cashew, hemp or almond milk

6T melted coconut oil or butter

1/2c maple syrup or honey

1T vanilla extract

3 1/2c whole wheat flour

1t sea salt

2T baking powder

optional: 1T hemp seed or flax seed

1 1/2c fresh blueberries (if you use frozen berries I would omit 2-3T milk liquid)’

Yeilds: about 2 dozen pancakes.

Tip: Store any left over pancakes in airtight container or freezer. Then pop them in the toaster oven when ready to enjoy again!


In a mixing bowl, lightly beat the eggs then add melted coconut oil, milk, syrup, butter and vanilla. Mix until smooth. Then add flour, salt, baking powder and flax seed to the bowl and mix well.


Heat griddle to medium-low and lightly surface with grapeseed oil cooking spray or melted butter. When the surface is ready and hot drop small circles of batter onto the griddle. I like using 1/4c measuring cup to pour my circles. Add blueberries to the pancakes and let cook 3-5 minutes until bubbles appear on. Flip your pancake and cook another 2-3 minutes. Top with flax oil and maple syrup. Or try topping with butter and honey or coconut oil and honey. Enjoy!


Featured – VKD hand-printed table linens are the Small O dinner napkin and Large O place mat.