Trucks in Twilight Bloomers


Inspired by my children…designer pattern of digger, cement, dump and bulldozers among the stars in a neutral black and white pattern turned into this slow fashion, infant/toddler bloomer. Perfect for any little one…



Trucks in Twilight Bloomers are part of my most recent passion project. Designed in Scranton, printed on 100% cotton in the USA, then hand cut and sewn locally back in the Scranton area. These styles are dynamic and bold pattern formations inspired by the free nature of children, their pure and uninhibited interpretation of life.

This collection is made in conjunction with and collaboration with Head Wraps by Rae, another local mom owned business getting paid a living wage.

Each piece is made to order.

Sizing tends to run big for example: Size S(fits 1-3years, Size Large (3-6years)

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L(3-6 year), S(1-3 year)