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So, how do you throw an Alice in Wonderland Party? Well, I’m finally posting details and free art downloads from Liv’s second birthday. It only took me 4 months after the fact but better late than never!

Xo, Valerie

How do you find inspiration for a party and keep it simple?

Sometimes it just lands in your lap! Liv’s 2nd birthday Alice in Wonderland party was inspired after seeing this super sweet, handmade Alice dress. I saw it on @elsielarson’s Instagram page of her daughter wearing the dress in a post. Thankfully she tagged the designer, @LittleFofinha, because in seconds I found her Etsy shop and had one made for Liv.  That sparked the beginning of the party planning process…

After that I did what most of us do and searched Pinterest for some more juicy images. While finding some helpful ideas I wanted to watch the movie again after probably three decades. I watched it with Axel and Liv (she lasted two minutes) but we loved Alice, the rabbit and tea party, Axel really loved the Treshire Cat, I was really into the the Queen of Hearts and her playing cards.  Pulling from those things I knew I wanted to do a banner of sorts, with some other simple props. 

Backdrops can be your best friends!

For decor I knew I wanted to have a fun, graphic on the wall to become a backdrop for the party. Backdrops are my best friends when it comes to decorating because they give you the most bang for your buck (and efforts). Once you have that backdrop everything else is just bonus. So for my backdrop I chose the playing cards were perfect because of their rectangle shape, color and recognizable, simple, bold emblems. Also, knowing I could easily print them out in the studio on 8.5×11 paper and taped (with white artist tape) to any surface in our dining room was really appealing. Especially for easy install and clean up. In this case, I tapped the sheets of “cards” to the wall and table in rows with the tape and that worked really well.

Customize and personalize to create special keepsakes!

Making the playing cards was so much fun I couldn’t resist doing a custom “Queen of Hearts” Liv card and banner. She got such a kick out of seeing it for the first time. She actually thought that is was her brother however, she finally did accepted that it was herself. Now the banner hangs over her bed and she thinks it’s so funny.

Let them eat cake! 

I will never forget that smile on Liv’s face when we lit up the 2 candles and set her birthday cake in front of her. She squealed, pointed, giggled and clapped. Probably had us sing Happy Birthday to her at least 10 times! Cake by my girl, Michelle at Electric City Bakehouse and it was an insanely gorgeous, delicious piece of edible art. Also, have to mention that Michelle made her a special coconut cream frosting because of a dairy sensitivity and no one knew it wasn’t “regular” butter cream.

All in all, Liv had great time at her little tea party. It was fun and low key day with just family. We hosted both sets of grandparents and since the party fell on Mother’s Day it was extra special for all of us.

Liv and her brother play with the tea set, from Green Toys, serving coffee and tea almost on the daily. 

I will never forget that smile on Liv’s face…she squealed, pointed, giggled and clapped.

What are the Party Details?


Electric City Bakehouse  


  • Flowers – red roses, irish moss, and blue hydrangeas – Wegmans Grocery
  • Vases  – black and white stripe metal popcorn containers – Pottery Barn Kids
  • Wall Paper Backdrop – VKD custom playing card paper print out
  • Garland – custom DIY paper print outs, stain ribbon
  • Buffet Runner – VKD X Handprinted Table Runner


  • Table Runner  – VKD custom playing card paper print out
  • China – vintage black and white dish ware
  • Tea Set – Green Toys