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Inspiring Holidays 2020

Creating magical holiday dining experiences this year is challenging in a million ways. But hosting a social gathering outside has become the new normal. This year my VKD Holiday Launch is a different kind of launch. It will instead be a launch of creativity, inspiration, and magic. Please feel free to get lost in the magic to spark some in your own life. A few weeks ago, Valerie Kiser Design, Chippy White Table, and Danielle Coons Photography met in the middle of a field, as friends on a magical mission, to style two different holiday table looks and a festive lounge outside at the stunning Candle Tree Farm property in North Abington Twp, Pennsylvania. Even our friend Electric City Bakehouse came to the rescue providing the most delicious but equally beautiful sweet treats we used in our styled set up. Surrender to the magic! 2020 so desperately needs the creative tribe to collectively cultivate joy around the globe. I wish you and your friends and families a safe and joyful holiday season. xo, Valerie

MAKE YOUR MAGIC: Tips on creating memorable holiday table set ups…

Choose Your Theme.  Pick a theme, from traditional, modern, whimsical, elegant, or casual, the oh so many ways you can go, just remember to have fun! If you need inspiration browse Pinterest but most importantly take stock of your cupboards, closets, and yard for your own unique and gorgeous table-scape making supplies.

Set up Your Inside Furniture Outside. Bring your inside furniture outside, just do it, you won’t be sorry. Bring out the chairs, tables, rugs, couches, throw pillows and even some extra blankets taking it to the next level while keeping guests cozy. Go ALL OUT!

Use a Blanket as Tablecloth. Choose a woven or textured blanket on the table draped at an angle, covering the whole table or folded as a runner to elevated the vibes and set a cozy tone. I used my VKD X’s Blanket and Electric City Blanket as tablecloths for these styled set ups.

Design the Place Settings.  Gather your plates, flatware, glassware, linens, favors, name cards, etc. and make a mock-up place setting. Be creative and use what you have around the house in new ways to design your place settings. You’ll be surprised by the multitude of options from “shopping” in your own house. I love using black satin ribbon to style events. You could use 1/2 inch ribbon to make pretty flatware bundles, use 1 inch ribbon in long 20″ strips under place setting for a fun added element for the placemat, tie bundles of evergreen with 36-50″ ribbon attached to the back of the chair creating festive and dramatic tones, cascade the ribbon down the center of your table for another added element. I recommend using only two of these satin ribbon ideas at time to keep it simple. So try them all, keep your two favorite looks and edit out the others. Less is more. And for my favors this year I’ll be using VKD Electric City, The Globe Store, and Everhart Museum Ornaments as well as using Electric City and The Globe Store notecards to write handwritten messages to my guests. This really sets my holiday theme into place and helps everything else come together.

Design the center piece. Gather up your decor at the table to practice laying out the items on the center of table. Make sure there is enough room for the place settings. Again, be creative with what you have or what you are using for the favors and build more on that theme like I did with the ornaments. I used candle holders and dish ware to display ornaments as table decor, simple vases with evergreen springs, and cranberries for a sprinkle of color. But I designed these around what I chose as the table cloth vs a runner. So start there and build your theme. Again, try a bunch of things, have fun, and keep it simple.

Create a Chill Lounge

Whatever you do this holiday season, my Friends, just stay inspired to keep the magic alive! And if you would rather keep your “inside furniture” inside you can always rent all your needs including dishware, flatware, glassware, decor, and more from my friends, Chippy White Table. Plus, if you would like a team of magical stylists to design, and come set up your holiday digs this year I know a good crew:) Just shoot me a message at

Happy Holidays, Peace and Love, Keep it Kind!

Dream Team: Art Direction & Styling by Valerie Kiser Design and Chippy White Table, Desserts by Electric City Bakehouse, Venue at Candle Tree Farm, Images by Danielle Coons Photography