Have questions about Valerie’s merchandise and the ordering process? Here are some frequently asked questions…

What is the best way to care for my VKD merchandise?


Machine wash inside out in cold water with gentle detergent. It’s easier on fabrics and will help prevent color fading. Unless… its a baby, toddler or youth garment then it probably has to be treated with stain remover or spot treatement and washed in warm or hot water. Right?! Clean is preferred over faded 😉

Do not Bleach

Do not use bleach or strong detergent Harsh cleaning products on dark fabrics or throw pillows. This will result in wear on the life of the product.


Tumble dry on low or line dry. High heat will breakdown the fibers of the fabric and cause garments to lose their shape.

While most of the home products are machine washable, we highly recommend spot treatment to maintain the original quality of the product.

Always wash similar colors and textures together. Washing lights and darks together can cause color bleeding between fabrics. Similarly, different textures can cause friction in the wash and begin to show wear on garments.

What can I use for payment?

We accept all major credit cards.

What is your policy on returns and exchanges?

At this time VKD does not accept returns. Exchanges are eligible for a damaged product during shipping and we must be notified within 24hrs of when you received the package. However, we are happy to help you shop and provide any additional information about or products so you feel confident in your purchase.

When will my items arrive?

All VKD products are hand-made and printed in small batches. Please allow 1-4 weeks for shipping, depending on stock and availability. You will then receive shipping confirmation email sent to confirm your new VKD is on its way.

Do you offer gift services?

Happy to GIFT WRAP – GIFT TAG – DIRECT MAIL TO RECIPIENT – Please include instructions when checking out.