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Electric City Pillow

Black and White Electric City Pillow

VKD stylized drawing of the iconic, Scranton Electric City sign has been woven into a gorgeous heirloom textile, made from USA grown cotton, then spun and woven by skilled craftsman in North Carolina. And it all happened with a little help from my friend, Sarah, who believed my designs would translate beautifully into a woven piece of functional art and walked me through the process. It’s made from luxurious cotton that’s grown, spun and woven by highly skilled craftspeople in the Carolina’s. I’m proud that I can still produce high quality products like this especially in the USA and at a time when everything seems to be disposable and less sacred. Being able to make things like this keeps the fire lit within me to find and fight for better…to design and live a simple, quality life.

Black and Natural White Cotton
18 x 18
Zipper enclosure
Poly pillow insert

Made in USA